Bid Accepted for Blue Rock Project

by Josh Overholser on June 6, 2014 at 9:50 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners accepted a bid Thursday afternoon for the Blue Rock water tank project.

The only bid for the tank was submitted by Mid-Atlantic Storage Systems of Washington Court House. Muskingum County Projects Director Don Madden said the project would extend a water line from the county to Blue Rock State Park.

"The Ohio Department of Natural Recourses came to the county about a year ago and asked for the county to extend a water line to the Blue Rock State Park," Madden said.  "So they were providing the funding for this project. Today we opened bids for a water tank that would be part of the project. The county is actually laying the pipeline, but the building of the tank will be apparently done by this Mid-Atlantic Storage company. They were the low bidder for the tank project."

The bid for the tank came in under the engineer’s estimate of $110,000. Mid-Atlantic would install a 36,000 gallon tank measuring 11 feet in diameter for $104,800.  A larger 58,000 gallon tank measuring 14 feet in diameter actually came in $1,100 cheaper. 

"Very unusual, but the smaller tank was actually slightly higher in price, and that’s because the next size larger is a more common diameter tank for them to build," Madden said.

The commissioners will wait for a recommendation from the engineer before deciding which tank they will take.