Bishop Rosecrans Works on New Practice / Game Fields

by Josh Overholser on June 27, 2014 at 6:43 am

Bishop Rosecrans has been using the facilities at Zanesville High School for home football games, but that will change in a couple of years.

School officials at Rosecrans are working to build two new practice facilities on top of the hill in order to allow room for expansion for game facilities at the school.

"There is enough room to do a full size practice soccer field and a full size practice football field," said School Board Member Chris Zemba. "So what that will allow us to do is, when we can practice on these fields, that will allow us to enlarge the field down below that will then accept football and soccer for games that way we’re not practicing on our game fields."

The work is being funded through private donations. Zemba says having their own field will provide many advantages, both from a pride standpoint and economic standpoint.

"There’s a different feeling when you can walk out of your own high school and walk onto your own playing field, and we’ve never been able to do that. That’s something we want to bring to the school."

Zemba said they hope to have the practice fields completed by the end of the year. The dual football and soccer game field at the school will be a two year project.