Enterprise Solicitation Ordinance

by Katie Donovan on June 18, 2014 at 9:12 am

With the issue of panhandling becoming more and more prominent over the last couple of years, the city of Zanesville and City Council have drafted an ordinance to help regulate soliciting in city right of ways.

Andrew Roberts, Zanesville City Councilman, Sixth Ward stated that the issue was put into place not only for regulating the solicitations, but also to address public safety concerns.

"A couple of the things that were mentioned were both the age and training of the individuls who are going to be within the city right of way trying to get these funds. Thats the biggest thing that we want to deal with is just making sure that everybody is safe, both those in the vehicles and the people soliciting money."

Concerns have also been raised within the community about local charities not being able to partake in asking for funds as they normally do. City Council hopes to fine tune this panhandling bill to make exemptions for charitable organizations.

"As it stands right now theres a motion to send it back to council with an exemption for any 501C3 that has approval by a cartian yet undetermined set of criteria brought together by the safety director. So as soon as that comes back, council will vote on it and hopefully legislation will pass from there. "

The ordinance will be returning to city council on Monday.