Nichole Hannahs

Finding My Center: WHIZ Fitness Challenge

by Nichole Hannahs on June 25, 2014 at 5:41 am

Take a deep breath and clear your thoughts as we continue our fitness challenge between the Muskingum Recreation Center and WHIZ.

In the last year I’ve gotten married, had a baby who came ten weeks early and dealt with the death of a family member. While life hasn’t been overwhelming it’s been a little stressful.

So to find what’s left of my inner peace I tried out Vinyasa Yoga.

"You flow through the poses as you breathe," said Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Sandy Booth. "On the inhales and the exhales you change your movements. It’s a little more dynamic then some other types of yoga and it’s also a little more creative."

It’s so creative that no two classes are the same there’s a good reason.

"You’re breaking up the habitual patterns that have formed in the body over a period of time," said Booth. "That’s why the classes are different because they accomplish the same thing with a different movement."

While the Vinyasa Yoga was challenging, as someone who hasn’t taken yoga class in a while, it wasn’t overwhelming either. While I did my fair share of cringing at times, I felt better knowing I wasn’t alone.

"It is not a competition. You listen to what your body’s telling you. If your body is saying enough then we come into a resting pose. We take our break. We release down and then we come right back to it and find the edge of that pose," explained Booth.

As for feeling completely centered between my body and mind…Well, I found myself thinking about my to do list from time to time or thinking about how silly I must look trying to balance on one leg.

But, just as my flexibility and strength will return over time, shutting off my thoughts will become easier the more I practice Vinyasa.

"What we try and do in yoga is to release ourself from thought. Even if it’s just for the period of the class and overtime if  you practice that you’ll be able to do that when you’re stressed or anxious. When you do that prior to class you find yourself settling into the poses just a little bit easier."

And really I can get behind any class where the last five minutes it allows me to close my eyes and rest.

The Muskingum Recreation Center offers a regular Vinyasa Yoga and a beginner Vinyasa class for those interested.