Nichole Hannahs

First Work Out of our Summer Challenge

by Nichole Hannahs on June 2, 2014 at 6:47 am

Today marks the first official day of our WHIZ Fitness Challenge. The Muskingum Recreation Center has challenged WHIZ to see who’ll be more fit by the end of August.

If you’re working out with us at home or are thinking about getting back into shape we have some tips for you.

My cellphone weight tracker said the WHIZ staff and the Muskingum Recreation Center have 84 days to get into shape and a week until our first weigh-in. I took my assessment test Friday.

"Sometimes we don’t always see the results on the scale so that’s why it’s nice to do these other tests as well," said Health and Special Population Coordinator Brooke Smith.

After two days of whining about how my arms hurt, Monday’s the first day of real workouts. But, the Muskingum Recreation Center staff said I should first meet with one of the exercise staff.

"We can show you how to properly use the equipment and take the results of your fitness test and develop an individual exercise program for you tailored to meet your needs," said Smith.

And they suggest not doing too much too soon, especially if it’s been awhile since you worked out.

"You don’t want to over do it when you first start because that’s discouraging. You’re too tired. You’re too sore and then you’re not motivated to come back," explained Smith.

Smith also said along with working out make sure you make healthy food choices and don’t get discouraged if results don’t come quickly.

"As to how far you might see improvement it’s hard to say, but you know give it time. It won’t happen over night so it’s going to come at your own rate and how hard you want to work at it too," said Smith.

You can follow our fitness challenge as the summer progresses on WHIZ Radio, TV and right here at our website. Remember if you’re working out at home share your exercise success with us by e-mailing