Goodwill Celebrates 100 Years

by Courtney Wheaton on June 16, 2014 at 6:53 am

More than a hundred people met at the Goodwill Corporate Campus on the West Pike to celebrate 100 years in the community.

Since opening back in 1914, the Goodwill Industries in our area has spread its reach to ten counties in Southeastern Ohio and five counties in West Virginia. During that time they have continued their mission to help people in need especially those suffering from physical and mental barriers.

"We work with so many of our folks and this gives them a reason not only to get up in the morning, but to get a paycheck, to be able to have meaning in their life. All the things that you and I do everyday so many people get to do that through Goodwill," said Dan Hartman, Director of Projects and Development.

Goodwill employs about 100 people in Muskingum County and nearly 400 throughout the region. Hartman says he is excited to see what the organization will be capable of in the next 100 years.

" It’s just looking into the future and knowing that Goodwill has a bright future because it has a good community behind it and supporting it. That is what’s neat, knowing that somewhere we will have a strong future helping those will barriers because of a great community, " said Hartman.

To celebrate people enjoyed cake, speeches and refreshments and released a hundred bio degradable balloons into the atmosphere.