Help Me Grow Offers New Programs

by Courtney Wheaton on June 17, 2014 at 9:05 am

The local Help Me Grow organization is helping parents by offering two very different but equally effective programs.

The first is their early prevention program for children under the age of three dealing with a mental or physical disability. It aims to educate parents of any income level about the resources available to assist them.

" These might be children with down syndrome, spinal bifida born, children with a cleft pallet or the child hasn’t reached their developmental milestones. So these might be children who aren’t walking on time or don’t have a lot of language at two and half, " said Help Me Grow Programs Manager, Heather Rice.

The other program is called home visiting and focuses on prevention by teaching first time moms how to properly take care of their children. A help me grow rep will come out to the home and educate mothers on a parenting skill of their interest.

" It’s very individualized to what they need so what we do with the Smith family is very different from what we do with the Jones family. We do a lot of assessments to see where they are and what the need help with,"said Rice.

 The home visit program is income based and parents can learn anything from educational games to play with their children to what milestones they should be watching out for in their children. For more information call Help Me Grow by phone.