Honoring James Singer

by Katie Donovan on June 25, 2014 at 6:58 am

The Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority (ZMHA) recognized a very special member of the community Wednesday Afternoon.

James Singer, a board member to the ZMHA has retired from his many years of volunteer work. Steve Randles, Executive Director of the ZMHA said they felt it was appropriate to honor his dedication to the City of Zanesville with a celebration at the quarterly staff meeting.  

"He’s been a long term, long standing board member, and thought it was appropriate today as part of our employee appreciation activities to also recognize him."

As a board member, Singers responsibilities included all of the legal responsibility for all of the affairs of the Housing Authority. This also included the hiring of the Executive Director. Singer said that he would miss his time serving as a member.

Singer said, "I hate to leave it."

Singer served on the board for 40 years. The party Wesdnesday was celebrated at the James D. Singer Activity Center, which was named in his honor.