Nichole Hannahs

Library Looks to Make Friday the 13th Lucky

by Nichole Hannahs on June 12, 2014 at 6:50 am

Friday is the 13th and while some may see the day as unlucky, if you have fines on your library card it’s your lucky day.

The library is holding an amnesty day. If you have overdue fines on your record you can choose one to be removed, as long as the item has been returned. The amnesty doesn’t extend to items that have been lost or damaged.

"The bulk of our overdue fines are in relation to materials that slid under the backseat or got under a bookbag at home or something like that," said Assistant Director Blair Tom. "We certainly understand that so we’re just happy we can try and make Friday the 13th a little luckier for people then historically it’s considered."

Tom said those wanting to take part can come to the service desk at any of the six branches and they’ll pull up your record. You can then choose which fine to remove.

He said this program is especially helpful as the summer reading program is underway.

"We love to have children be able to use their library card and that dollar fine on a card is an impediment to that," explained Tom. "We just want to work with the community so that it’s even more convenient and doable to enjoy all the resources available."

A typical library fine is 10 cents a day for a book and a $1.00 a day for DVDs.