Muskingum County OVI Checkpoint

by Katie Donovan on June 19, 2014 at 6:33 am

The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that an OVI checkpoint will be taking place in Muskingum County Friday, June 20.

A time and location has not yet been released, however Lieutenant and Post Commander, Matt Boyd said it should be a quick and effortless process for sober drivers who encounter it on their commute Friday.

"Our goal is to make the encounter very brief, just to pass on the information. We try and keep the encounter with the person we stop about 30 seconds and then if we experience a backup in traffic, occasionally we may step back and let traffic flow through because we don’t want people sitting in line for 4 minutes waiting to get to their destination."

Lieutenant Boyd shared that in 2012 there were over 12,500 alcohol related crashes investigated. 431 of those were fatal. The purpose of the checkpoint is to make the public aware of the dangers associated with driving under the influence.

"The checkpoints are designed to make the public aware of the dangers of drunk driving. We try to stop every vehicle that comes through the checkpoint and give the people some information."

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will announce the exact location of the checkpoint Friday. If you would like to learn more information about statistics regarding drunk driving, you can visit the following websites: