National Road Yard Sale A Success

by Josh Overholser on June 1, 2014 at 11:46 am

The National Road Yard Sale’s five day run came to a close Sunday.

Thousands of shoppers made their way through Zanesville over the weekend in search of good bargains.  John Kuhn with the National Road Flea Market said the nice weather really helped to make this year’s sale a success.  Business was booming all throughout the week along US Route 40, especially on Saturday.

"Yesterday, we didn’t even have room in our parking lot," Kuhn said.  "People were parking along the side of 40 to get in. We had a really good day."

While countless locals supported area yard sales, several travelers from out of town also stopped by to see what the sales in the Zanesville area had to offer.

"Two young ladies who came through here and bought all of my architectural artifacts that I had, one came from Maryland," said Colleen Cole.  "They had flown in and all met in Indiana, and they did the whole thing. All the states, it was incredible."

The National Road Yard Sale occurs annually and runs 824 miles from Baltimore to St. Louis along Historic US Route 40.