George Hiotis

No Change With Sinkhole Problem

by George Hiotis on June 5, 2014 at 5:03 am

The sinkhole problem in Muskingum County that is threatening a mobile home is the same Thursday as it was Wednesday.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources announced that the ground on Stiers Lane where the home is located was too wet to attempt to move the home of Michael Lane.  We told you that a 25 foot sinkhole developed at the site of the trailer forcing the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency and the State to be called to the scene. The property is owned by Darrel Lane and it’s his son and his family of six who live at the sinkhole location.  Late Wednesday some federal funding was announced to help the family to get temporary housing and to relocate. E-M-A Executive Director Bo Keck says this problem area is part of a plot of 300 acres of land from Huggins Road to U-S Route 22 behind White Cottage that is at risk and off limits to the public. O-D-N-R officials are also saying a portion of the Avondale Wildlife area which is located over what’s known at the Columbia Portland Cement mine is posted with warning signs.  The majority of the wildlife area remains opens to the public. The State says it will try to move the trailer Friday morning.