Ohio Lady Hoops Girls Club Celebrates Season

by Courtney Wheaton on June 5, 2014 at 9:10 am

On Wednesday night the accomplishments of a special group of young ladies were celebrated at a community dinner.

The first end of the season party was held for the AAU Ohio Lady Hoops Organization at the Zanesville Community High School. Coach Jamie Puryear says he is proud of the success the teams had this year.

"We’ve had currently four teams in our club that have all won championships this season, so all the awards that the kids have won we are going to make sure that we are presenting them to the kids tonight," said Jamie Puryear, Club President of Ohio Lady Hoops.

Along with handing out awards, the girls ate dinner, listened to music and spent much needed quality time together. The players range in grade from fifth through eighth and all come from different area school districts. Team members say they enjoy the bond they have created over the season.

"We have gotten closer." said Kenzie Newsome, Lady Hopps Player. "We are like sisters now, we use to not talk to each other and now we are like more of a family. "

Newsom also says since joining the team her skills as a basketball player have greatly improved. If you would like more information about the Ohio Lady Hoops Organization you are encouraged to call Coach Puryear at 740-319-3011.