Pet of The Week: Lynard

by Katie Donovan on June 20, 2014 at 6:55 am

Each week, The Animal Shelter in Muskingum County highlights a pet available for adoption.

This week, Lynard is in need of someone to give him a good home. He is a 1 1/2 year old English Bulldog and Beagle Mix. He’s very playful, full of energy and does very well with other dogs. Jody Murray, Executive Director of The Animal Shelter, says Lynard can be brought home at a reduced adoption fee.

"His adoption fee has been sponsored. His fee is only $60, our normal adoption fee is $105. We’ve had someone donate some money toward his adoption fee."

If you think you would like to bring Lynard home, Murray invites you to come down for a visit, and spend some time together before making the commitment. If you feel he would make a good four-legged friend, the adoption process is a simple one.

Murray shared, "It’s just a matter of filling out a short application. If they own their own house its easy. If they rent, they just need to have some that shows they have permission from their landlord to have the adoption."

After a little more paperwork and a microchipping, you can take your new friend home. You can always drop by the shelter for a visit, the shelter will be hosting an adoption event at "We Lov Pets next weekend.

You can learn more information about adoption at The Animal Shelter’s website:

You can also visit their Facebook page: