Principal Mark Ulbrich leaving Zanesville High School

by Katie Donovan on June 10, 2014 at 7:10 am

Zanesville high school principal, Mark Ulbrich will not be returning to school this fall.

He received a job offer from Pickerington North High School and has accepted the position. He says he’s excited and eager to face new challenges as the principal of the suburban Columbus school.

"The school has 2,000 students, the staff is double the size here at Zanesville as well so there is 109 teachers. Really it’s just an opportunity to go to a much bigger arena. I really like being a high school principal and this opportunity provides me the ability to do it at a high level. "

Ulbrich says that his years as a principal and teacher in the Zanesville school district came with a lot of memorable moments that he is proud of.

"As I look back on my six years here, I think probably a couple of the biggest things that I have been involved with have been the closing of the old high school and the final farewell with that I feel like was an amazing event and then two months later to really open up this new building was really special.  "

Ulbrich will start in Pickerington on August first and would like to give a big thanks to the students, faculty and staff at Zanesville High that made his time here count.