Safety Town Kicks Off This Week

by Josh Overholser on June 9, 2014 at 10:11 am

Area youth are taking a stroll through Safety Town.

The Carr Center is hosting its first summer session this week at Coburn United Methodist Church. Students at Safety Town will get to learn about finger printing, stranger danger, as well as water, fire, and traffic safety.

"I think you have to start at a very early age, and I think it always helps these kids to hear it from somebody besides Mom and Dad," said Carr Center Executive Director Kim Hosler.  "Even though they work pretty hard to tell their kids about all the things they need to know to keep them safe, when you have another audience, and you have a different way brought to them, and they get to see the policemen up close, it makes it a more important learning experience."

Safety Town costs $30 for the week and is open to any four or five-year-old. There are still some openings for future sessions. If you’d like to register your child, you can do so by calling 740-453-5417.