George Hiotis

Sinkhole Issues Again On Stiers Lane

by George Hiotis on June 26, 2014 at 9:43 am

The sinkhole issue in Muskingum County continues to be a problem for some area residents.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says on Monday residents who live on Stiers Lane in White Cottage reported hearing a loud noise near their homes.  Local and State emergency officials responded and found more evidence of ground collapse.  O-D-N R says based on that incident officials started efforts to relocate the remaining five families living in the area.  They have all agreed to temporary housing.  State and local officials say they are working to secure a permanent housing solution for those affected. The impacted area is being fenced off for safety pruposes. You may remember at the start of June, the Michael Lane family was forced to leave after their home was about to be swallowed by another sinkhole.