Use Caution Passing Bicycles

by Josh Overholser on June 6, 2014 at 6:47 am

With warmer weather and kids out of school, more bicycles are now starting to hit local roadways.

One Zanesville man who commutes on his bicycle said he’s had many close calls and that drivers need to eliminate distractions to prevent potentially dangerous situations.

"I’ll have people fly by me," said Ed Mundo Monarque Jr.  "I’ve had people nick the back of my bike. I’ve had my elbow brushed across a lady’s car because she’s too busy texting on her phone to actually look. And I seen the look on her face when she realized, because I just barely made it around her, that she realized what happened. But I think people need to be made more aware that they need to pay attention before something bad happens."

James Devoll with the Zanesville Police Department agrees that texting while driving is a big issue in the area. He said bicyclists need to take precautions while riding by using hand signals when changing lanes and by staying to the far right. As far as motorists, it more or less comes down to using common sense.

"They need to keep a safe distance around the bicyclist as they are approaching and overtaking and passing the bicyclist and make sure it’s safe as they do so," Devoll said

Devoll also said it’s important for motorists to know that bicycles do always have the right-of-way.