Nichole Hannahs

Week 2 of Our Challenge

by Nichole Hannahs on June 10, 2014 at 12:51 pm

We’ve entered week two of our fitness challenge and the intensity is picking up. This week the WHIZ team lost 32 pounds and since the competition is heating up. It’s time for me to get more serious about my workouts.

I spent the first week of my challenge working out without a fitness plan. I lost 1.36 percent of my starting weight. So, to help get me to my final goal and help the WHIZ team defeat the Muskingum Recreation Center’s team, I met with a trainer.

"I would recommend 30-60 minutes of cardio a day again if you’re just getting started those minutes may be a little bit less," explained Health and Special Population Coordinator Brooke Smith. "It also depends on what your goal is whether you’re wanting just the cardiovascular benefit or if you’re wanting to gear your exercise program more towards weight loss."

But, working out involves more than just cardio, strength training also plays a roll. Smith said that this should take place 2-3 times a week based on the American College of Sports Medicine standards.

"You want to do about 8-12 repetitions and a minimum of two sets per machine. You can do up to four sets. If you’re beginning and just getting back into it two sets is recommended. I would even recommend starting one set," said Smith.

The goal is not to overdue any of the exercises and vary your routine to keep your body from becoming accustomed to the exercises.

"That also keeps you from getting bored and if you get bored and you’re less motivated to come back, but if you add variety to your routine we’ll keep seeing you," said Smith.

We’ll let you know what happens next week as the challenge continues.