Y Bridge Construction Expected to Continue

by Katie Donovan on June 19, 2014 at 6:33 am

Zanesville commuters may have noticed the construction taking place near the railroad by the Y Bridge. This is all due to a recent motorist accident.

Just how much longer is this construction going to be in place? Chip Saunders, City Engineer said it would be at least another couple of weeks.

"We are doing the work with our forces. We are basically rebuilding the wall. We started it this week. We expect to be working on it through next week. We are going to have everything opened back up by the Fourth of July week and then we may need to come back the week after the Fouth of July to finish up."

Barricades blocking southbound traffic flow have been put in place to protect construction workers making the repairs. Those haven’t been keeping drivers from continuing down the southbound lane as of lately.

Saunders said, "We’re having some problems with people going through the road closed sign. That creates an unsafe situation for our workers and the traffic that’s coming off the bridge."

Officers are in place near these barricades that will be ticketing people that attempt to pass through the signs. You are encouraged to seek an alternate route while the construction continues.