Zane Trace Boy Scout Camp Continues

by Courtney Wheaton on June 19, 2014 at 7:42 am

Thirteen boy scout packs from the Muskingum Valley Council came together on Wednesday as a part of the annual Zane Trace Boy Scout Camp taking place this week.

They were taking part in a variety of fun yet educational games . This year’s theme was " Knight’s at the Round Table" and many of the activities were inspired by the time period.

" We have done blacksmithing, leather working and they actually got to take a piece of leather and stamp it and take a nail bend it and heat it up and make a hook out of it, " said Camp Director, April Strunk.

Other medieval activities included shooting, archery and creating pottery. Strunk says the boys earned plenty of badges this week and also gained a few character skills on the way.

" When you are playing the games like bb guns and archery you have to learn teamwork because you can’t just walk up in front of somebody that has an arrow shooting at their target , " said Strunk.

The boys and their families also had the chance to ride horses and fish as well. The camp will end this Friday at two o’clock with a skit performed by the campers. The boy scouts would like to give Shelley and Sands a special thank you for giving them access to an employee park on their campus.