Zanesville Rotary Club Special Guest Speaker

by Katie Donovan on June 10, 2014 at 7:09 am

Today the Zanesville Rotary Club brought in a special guest speaker to their meeting to raise awareness of traumatic brain injuries.

Micah Jones, a brain injury survivor spoke to the crowd about her journey to overcome being hit by a drunk driver back in 2004. Since that time, Jones has fought through a variety of complications due to injuries she suffered.

"When people looking at me will say she is fine there is nothing wrong with her, well you don’t understand how hard it is to lets say, walk in anything other than flip flops. My toes are gripping and my right leg or left leg will go so things are a lot more difficult than you would ever expect."

Jones is the founder of Brain Song, a foundation that aims to support people dealing with traumatic brain injuries. Next month she will host the third annual Rock the Walk event to raise money for the cause.

"It’s a 3-k is july 12th and survivors are free and it’s $25 for everyone else. We are are just trying to spread brain injury awareness and support survivors."

The walk will talk place three days after the third annual brain injury awareness day that jones helped pass in the state of Ohio.