Bethesda Behavioral Health Opens New Facility

by Josh Overholser on July 8, 2014 at 6:35 am

The Bethesda Behavioral Health Center will open a new facility on Monday for those suffering from mental health issues as well as drug and alcohol dependency.

The new facility will be located in the former Forestview Health Campus behind Bethesda Hospital. Director of Behavioral Health at Genesis, Karen Green, said that they are lucky to have continued support of behavioral healthcare here in Zanesville.

"Most corporations do not put money into their behavioral health services, they just don’t," Green said. "Our folks stepped up to the plate."

The building has many new features that will provide the patients and staff members with safety and leisure time. The care center will provide an outdoor area, buffet style eating options, private rooms, as well as security measures like barricade proof wicket doors and 24-hour security.

"We can’t wait to show you the innovation that you’re going to see that not only keep our paitents safe, but will give them an environment that is going to be safe for them, safe for us," said Green. "We’ll be able to treat them in a very quiet, calm environment which is very important. "

The Behavioral Health Center has seen over 900 paitents this year so far, and this facility will be able to better serve patients with a total of 10 child/adolescent beds and 20 adult beds as well as outpatient programs that are available during the day and evening. For more information about the new facility you can visit