Connie Pillich Stops In Zanesville

by Katie Donovan on July 23, 2014 at 6:55 am

The race for Treasurer in Ohio made a stop in Zanesville.

Connie Pillich stopped at Democratic Headquarters this afternoon.

Pillich said, "My experience on the campaign trail has been amazing. Its been so uplifting to travel across the state and meet people from every different corner. Ordinary people living their lives in extraordinary ways. Contributing in the best ways they can i was very surprised by that so it’s been very uplifting."

Pillich expalined the reason she has decided to run for treasurer of Ohio.

"We need someone in the treasurers office who can fight for us. Someone who’s going to state fund our tax dollars, protect their pension system and do everything she can to help the economy….Of all the places in ohio, the place where we put the peoples money, is where you need someone with integrity, someone with competence who is going to put the needs of ohio first."

Pillich will face incumbent Republican Josh Mandel in the November General Election.