David Pepper Makes Stop In Zanesville

by Katie Donovan on July 22, 2014 at 6:46 am

The race for the Ohio Attorney Generals position heated up in Zanesville today.

Democratic candidate for position, David Pepper called for federal authorities to investigate Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s handling of lucrative collections contracts in the wake of a newspaper investgation. The Dayton Daily News found that state bid documents were changed to favor a newly created collections firm founded by a DeWine political ally over a seasoned collections company. Pepper says that this type of behavior is unethical.

"So we’re losing real money because of this. Its not ethical. It looks to be illegal frankly if you look at this bid. It’s highly problematic, it should be investigated and its costing us arguably, hundreds of millions of dollars."

Pepper also shared his five step plan to clean up the attorney generals office.

"As attorney general, we will reform the process so that this process of deciding does its work while every other is based on who’s good at it. Its based on the numbers. We will have limits, we will have blackout periods where people cannot donate when these bids are on the street as they’ve done with Mike DeWine Attorney General. We will cut off the ability to do lobbying in the middle of the bid decision process and will will make sure that decisions made on who does what for the attorney general is based on real numbers and real performance"

DeWine’s office challenges the factual basis for requesting any probe and says the allegedly altered bid document was one judge’s personal notes.

Pepper will face DeWine in the November 4th general election.