District Governor of Rotary Randy Davies Pays Visit to Zanesville

by Katie Donovan on July 31, 2014 at 6:38 am

The Rotary Club District Governor of our area, Randy Davies, stopped in Zanesville today.

There are 59 Rotary Clubs in Central and Southeast Ohio. Davies made a stop at the Zanesville Daybreak Club to talk about his plans. This year’s theme is "Light up Rotary".

"Our theme this year is ‘Light up Rotary’. We kind of have a new theme every year. Last year we were ‘Engaging Rotary and Changing Lives’ and this year we are starting to tell our story more and to be a little more vocal, that we’re not a secret organization we’re here to help change lives and make our communities a better place to live."

This year Davies says they are focusing on getting people more involved so they too can make a difference.

"We’re working hard to continue to get Rotarians to be more engaged in their communities and in their hometowns, also to start a public image campaign that folks that don’t know what we do, what we’re about, why we make a difference and why its important that we serve and serve others. And our big focus this year is to help eradicate only the second disease off the face of the earth as we work hard to end Polio now."

To learn more about Rotary, you can visit the website: www.district6690.org