Domestic Violence Coalition to host Awareness Walk this Fall

by Katie Donovan on July 10, 2014 at 7:55 am

The Domestic Violence Coalition is hosting a "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" event this fall.

Chairperson, Dorothy Thomas was at the County Commisioners office today informing them of the plans to bring the event back to the court house. The walk has taken place at other venues but the coalition is hoping to hold it in the original location once again. They hope to educate the community on domestic violence. Thomas said that it’s extremely important to spread awareness.

"I think it’s important because people tend to think that domestic violence doesn’t exist in this town, or most people don’t want to and I think it’s important that we bring awareness that domestic violence does exist but what we can do to help, " said Thomas.

The event will also include a celebrity walk where people will walk in shoes that belong to someone of opposite gender as well as a candle light vigil. There will also be an empty table to represent those who have passed away and a clothes line project where victims and advocates can write messages on t-shirts that will hang outside of the courthouse. Thomas invites everyone from the community to participate in this event.

"Anybody that wants to come, we want the more people here to show that they’re here to support victims of domestic violence," said Thomas.

The walk is planned for October 6 from 5 unitl 8 p.m. The event is currently taking registrations for teams and the cost is only $10.00 per person. If you’re interested in joining the walk or the coalition you can contact Dorothy Thomas at (740)454-3213.