Fireworks Safety

by Katie Donovan on July 3, 2014 at 7:03 am

Fourth of July weekend starts tomorrow and nothing says Fourth of July like fireworks. But it’s important to stay safe this holiday weekend.

Donovan Jadwin, firefighter for the Zanesville Fire Department says that many of the fire realted injuries and incidents that occur are due to the use of fireworks. He explains the most common concerns when fireworks are set off.

"Biggest concern are house fires, catching brush on fire and injuries as well. There’s thousands of people treated each year from firework injuries and there’s fourty percent fires reported on July Fourth are fireworks. "

Setting off fireworks at home is a popular way to celebrate Independence Day but Jadwin says there are only certain types of fireworks you can use.

"In the State of Ohio you’re kind of limited to bang-snap, sparklers, smoke bombs, grow snakes, the growing snakes and things of that nature. "

Jadwin also told us what you should do if an incident resulting in a fireworks injury occurs.

"Call 911, esspecailly if there’s an injury or fire and get us there as quickly as possible so the person can be treated or the situation can be contained."

The safest way to enjoy the fireworks this holiday is to leave them to the professionals. The Stars and Stripes on the River fireworks display begins Friday at 9:45PM.