First Community Junior Golf Clinic

by Katie Donovan on July 15, 2014 at 6:37 am

The Zanesville Country Club’s Community Junior Golf Clinic tee’d off today.

Three golf pros including Head Golf Professional Mike Durant, coached the participants in mastering 3 important golfing skills. Durant said that the clinic gives the community a chance to see what the Country Club has to offer and reach out to young golfers.

"It gives us a chance to share Zanesville Golf Country Club with our community, esspecially our young kids, gives them a chance to come out here and get some professional instruction at one of the best everyday golf courses this country has to offer," Durant said.

There were 26 Junior golfers enrolled and they worked on putting, chipping and their full swing. They moved in groups and switched sessions every 40 minutes.

"Golf is to be played with an imagination and whats in your heart and your eyes and we give you just a couple instructions to help you along the way," Durant said.

Durant said that they hope to make this an annual event. If you missed the golf clinic today but you are interested in participating in the future you can reach the Country Club at 452-2726.