Fringe Salon, Featured Artist in Zanesville Art Walk

by Katie Donovan on July 2, 2014 at 6:51 am

A new salon has opened in town this past May, and they are the featured artist of the month in Friday, July 4th’s Art Walk.

Fringe Salon is owned by Debbie Beckert and Lynn Bishop. Beckert says it’s the place where "art meets hair." It gives customers the opportunity to have a unique experience of looking at local art while getting their hair styled.

Bishop says, "It gives us great creditability, and great imagination to see all the artwork in here and inspiration to put that kind of artwork on heads of hair."

Art lovers from the Zanesville area are encouraged to come down to see what the salon is about, especially if they cant make the first Friday event. Bishop says to be located in the art district of Zanesville is a great feature.

"We are in the art district which is a great feature for all of us and those who come in here and look at all the art that we have here. It gives them the chance to look at the art that they don’t normally see if they cant come down on any first friday. "

The art walks in Zanesville occur on the first friday of every month.