George Hiotis

Gov. Kasich In Morgan County for Miba Expansion

by George Hiotis on July 10, 2014 at 7:54 am

It’s a big day for a Morgan County Company.  Governor John Kasich was in McConnelsville for the announcement of an expansion by Miba Sinter. The company is located on State Route 60 North and is a manufacturer of auto parts. Officials from Miba were present to take part in the celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony. Governor Kasich says that the expansion of a company like this one, will bring McConnelsville jobs and the well being of families.

Kasich says, "People don’t know we have the most modern facility that does this kind of work inside this entire company. They’ve got 20 plants around the world. This is really awesome and what it means is that they are going to be here a long time. So what does it mean directly for McConnelsville? It means work."

Kasich says that initially the expansion of Miba will create 110 new local jobs, and says that if a good work force is provided, even more jobs could become available after that. Kasich also said that these jobs require a lot of technical training, so it is important to stay involved in vocational education.

"We need to involve our vocational education. Our K through 12. Our two year schools, even our four year schools. Because you can get a great job here. It’s going to pay you a lot of money. It’s going to allow you to be involved in something that’s exciting."

To learn more about the company and job opportunities, you can go to the following webpage: