Holiday Weekend State Highway Patrol Statistics

by Katie Donovan on July 10, 2014 at 4:12 am

The State Highway Patrol had a busy weekend. The Fourth of July celebrations brought 749 arrests due to OVI’s, state wide. The holiday weekend lasted from last Thursday, July 3, until Sunday July 6.

Locally there were a total of 447 citations issued including 5 OVI’s and 72 seatbelt violations. Lieutenant Matt Boyd of the State Highway Patrol said they pay special attention to those unbuckled during heavy traffic.

"Of course when there’s a lot of people traveling on the roadway we really look at people using safety devices available to them, seatbelts and helmets, things like that," said Boyn. "So we’re always strict in that enforcement. That’s something we particularly look at over the holiday weekend. "

There were12 traffic fatalities state wide over the holiday. There were under 1,000 overall last year and Boyd said that the Highway Patrol aims to lower the number even more this year.

"Our efforts as we say we are driving toward 0 because any life lost is too many. "

Overall there were 58,000 incidents in the state of Ohio during the holday weekend. For more statistics on traffic violations, crashes or OVI arrests you can visit