Mid-East Career and Technology Centers hires new Superintendent

by Katie Donovan on July 14, 2014 at 6:43 am

The Mid-East Career and Technology Centers has hired a new Superintendent for the upcoming school year.

Thomas Perkins has been working in the education system for 18 years now. He is currently the Superintendent at Northern Local School District in Perry County. Perkins says he is looking forward to learning the most when he begins his new position.

"Learning. I think that going into the career tech versus the typical high schools that I deal with,  I have a learning curve to overcome somewhat, but I’m excited about that. The opportunities that working with community members to identify jobs for students and create programs to service those jobs."

Since his leadership began at the Northern Local School District in Perry County, the district has received overwhelmingly positive ratings from the community, and excellent with distinction ratings for the last 3 years. As far as goals for Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, Perkins says that it is going to take some determining.

"Well I think thats the first thing I’ll have to do is determine what is working well and whats not. Getting to know the staff, both administrative and those that are providing instruction to students and finding out what programs are working the best and how we can tweak to make those better and then again, working with the community to see what the needs are and create new programs."

Perkins says that he is excited for this opportunity to work with the community and the students he has been familiar with for years.