Miracle Field Hosts Fundraiser

by Katie Donovan on July 21, 2014 at 9:36 am

Baseball, car shows and crafts–there was only one place to find them all together Saturday.

The Miracle Field Organization, Friends of Jesus Ministries and True Drivers got together at Miracle Field behind Starlight school to raise money for Friends of Jesus. The day featured a car show and crafts table where auction items were sold as well as gifts made by those with disabilities. The day also featured the weekly miracle field baseball games. President of the Miracle League Board Caribeth Legats said the field is a product of our community.

"So it’s a lot of little things like that, the whole community started contributing and local businesses said we’ll take of this or we can help you with that.  It’s been a labor of love from this community, it really truly has," said Legats.

Friends of Jesus Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps those who are developmentally disabled excerise their religious beliefs and help the homeless. They sold balloons, homemade crafts and art to raise money and awareness for their cause. Executive Director Sherri Cummins said the money will go toward a lot of necessities.

"The money will go today towards several things. We’re always running out of food to cook for the homeless," said Cummins. "It will go for travel expenses because we do worship services in four different counties. It will also go to buy material for pillows and blankets and things for impoverished children."

The children’s game continued through the morning rain, and the car show and craft tables did as well.