Muskingum County Library County Commissioners Meeting

by Katie Donovan on July 17, 2014 at 6:44 am

Representatives from the Muskingum County Library met with County Commissioners to overview the final phase of the librarys strategic plan and request levy renewal.

The levy would help fund the librarys future goals. According to Assistant Director, Blair Tom, the new  plan will allow them to move forward from a transactional to a transformational way. This forward movement of the library is guided by a newly formed mission statement, which focuses  on connecting people with information, ideas and each other. The strategic plan’s formation was also shaped by surveys distributed to the public.

Tom said, "We were asking and very interested in awareness as well as perceptions about existing services and collections and delivery systems and programs as well as those that arent currently available."

Tom explained that individuals today tend to hold in our minds a "traditional model" of what a library is. Tom explained Muskingum County would like to use this plan to break out of that standard norm and develop the county library’s true potential.

"We have that traditional model in our head so we dont think beyond that. Luckily Muskingum county is not that kind of area. They see that we can play a role in partnership for economic development for job skills. For the literacy challenges that schools are working on daily and we have great partnerships there and for entertainment and enrichment as well."

The 1 mill levy will appear on the ballot, November 4 during the general election.