Nichole Hannahs

New Look for Zanesville Police Cars

by Nichole Hannahs on July 22, 2014 at 6:49 am

The Zanesville Police Department goes with a new look for their patrol vehicles.

When the Crown Victoria police cars the department used since 1994 were no longer being made the police department tried out the Dodge Chargers. Now in an attempt to find the car that works the best for them, they’ve purchased two Ford Police Utility Interceptors and two four door sedans.

"What in the civilian would be the Explorer and the Taurus is actually a purpose built vehicle which is pursuit rated," explained Zanesville Police Lt. Bill Shaw. "It’s designed for high speed. It has a little bit different suspension system under it."

One of the SUV’s currently is used as a K9 vehicle. The other will be used for supervisor’s while out on patrol. That vehicle is still two to three weeks away from being road worthy for officers. Work includes installing cameras, computers, lights and re-installing seats.

"There’s an entire computer programming checklist that has to be gone through to make sure that all systems are working," explained Shaw. "That’s actually more time consuming and painstaking then making sure that the car turns on."

Shaw said the Ford Police Utility Interceptors and Interceptor Sedans are all wheel drive, making them very attractive after the rough winter we experienced. The parts are also interchangeable making it easier for the city’s maintenance department to complete repairs.