Non-Profit Organization Breaks Meal Serving Records

by Katie Donovan on July 18, 2014 at 6:30 am

Christ’s Table served a record breaking amount of meals in the month of June.

The non-profit organization served over 10,000 meals last month, doubling the amount of children served. Keely Warden,Executive Director of Christ’s Table, explained the spike in meals served during the summer months.

"Our numbers double in the summer as opposed to the winter because the kids are out of school and we encourage our families to come in and enjoy a hot meal, we want the kids to continue the nutrition they get with their meals at school and stay healthy during the summer," said Warden.

As the amount of meals goes up, so does the amount of volunteers needed to keep the operation running. Many students and youth groups come to Christ’s Table over the summer and lend a hand. Volunteer Branden Head said he’s grateful to see what the Christ Table is doing.

"It’s actually been a blessing to me to see people getting fed because a lot of people, at least in Akron, you actually have to pay to get fed so I think Christ Table is a blessing to these people," said Head.

Christ’s table will continue to serve free meals everyday and Warden said they are very thankful for the communities support in their continued operation.