ODOT to Begin Rock Mitigation on State Route 60

by Katie Donovan on July 10, 2014 at 7:52 am

The Ohio Department of Transportation will be starting their Rock Slope Mitigation project next Monday, July 14.

The project is in response to vulnerable rock slopes that threaten to fall onto State Route 60 about a mile south of Duncan Falls. The project will last 60 days, ending on September 15. Ericka pfeifer, Public Information Officer for district 5 said why it is necessary to close the road.

"So what we’re doing here is rock repair and a slip repair on this rock face, said Pfeifer. "Right now there’s a danger of the rock falling into the roadway so since we have such a small amount of roadway to work with, we’re going to be closing down the road to keep our workers safe and keep drivers safe. "

Pfeifer also gave us an idea on how they will go about tackling such a dangerous project.

"We’re going to be drilling into the rock and then we’re also going to be putting in a mesh wire fencing to stabilize the rock face
and get rid of any pebbles or something that might fall into the roadway, said Pfeifer. "This is going to stabilize it and prevent that from happening. "

Although you might be aware of local detours in your area,the official detour during this project issued by the Ohio Department of Transportation is State Route 60 to State Route 78 to State Route 284, to State Route 146 and back to State Route 60.