Port Authority Discusses Road Issues at Eastpointe

by Josh Overholser on July 16, 2014 at 6:39 am

Roadway problems that were thought to be understood in the Eastpointe Industrial Park have taken a turn.

It was believed that a slip was forming in the roadway, but Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis told Port Authority Wednesday morning that there are actually other issues causing the problem.

"What the engineer said was that it’s really a consolidation of the soils, so it’s not really a slip or a slide based on what we think we know right now," said Port Auhority Executive Director Mike Jacoby. "That’s caused, in part, by water intrusion that shouldn’t be there, they think, and the fact that there’s just so much weight of the fill material and the traffic."

The engineer’s cost analysis showed the project would cost in the ballpark of $200,000 to be contracted out–money that the Port Authority said they have, but not that they were planning on spending for the maintenance project.

"This would be something where we may have to take on debt and pay that off in future years or come up with some sort of creative cost sharing arrangement," Jacoby said.

Best case scenario for completion would be mid-fall as they still need to pinpoint the exact details of the issue and post the job for potential contractors to apply. The engineer expects the project to take around 45 to 60 days to complete once a contract has been awarded.