Red White and Run

by Katie Donovan on July 4, 2014 at 6:48 am

Local athletes laced up their running shoes July 4th to take place in the second annual, Red White and Run.

The patriotic 5K took place at the Muskingum Recreation Center at the OUZ Campus. The race benefited the future growth and development of the Muskingum Recreation Center and programing for underprivileged children. Brooke Smith, Health and Special Populations Coordinator said the idea for the run came when they wanted to bring something to the community.

"There wasn’t anything in the community that day necessarily as far as a 5K. Grandville has one but we wanted to bring something to this area, so the idea came about and we started it last year."

Runners of all ages took to the course, plenty of them decked out in red white and blue. Those who participated said it was a fun time.

Claire Ardrey said, "Oh it just made it fun. It wasn’t so serious. It wasn’t like you had to beat everyone. We’re all in this together kind of thing!"

Katie Bulzan told us, "We just kinda did it for fun, kinda to start off with a bang for the Fourth of July before the fireworks."

Kristina Southam said the course was a good one to run on, "It was like a nice kind of predictable course, but there was a little bit of a hill that made me, actually feel like we were having to work this morning so that was good. But it was calm enough that it was a really nice wake up and do it on independence day run!"

Kaden Bay, also a first year runner said, "it was fun and I’ll do it next year!"

Prizes were offered to runners in different age groups and categories. There were 204 people registered for the event.