Report on Stolen Boat and Boaters

by Josh Overholser on July 10, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz has released more information regarding a boat stolen from the Zanesville Yacht Club in June that resulted in the death of two local men.

The bodies of 35-year-old Travis Krouskoupf and 24-year-old Kenny Tucker, both of Zanesville, were discovered in the Muskingum River on Friday, June 27th after the boat they were in crashed over a dam.  Several witnesses reported seeing them on the river in the stolen boat the Tuesday before.

"During this investigation, we spoke to the owner of the Lorena, and the same day this event happened, this boat that had two white males in it was driving recklessly on the river," Lutz said. "In the report, it says that the boat was going right at the Lorena, and then swerved off enough to make the captain feel that they were going to hit.  The captain sounded his horn and then the boat started doing circles, driving recklessly in the river around the Lorena causing some problems."

Sheriff Lutz said they also had multiple reports from witnesses of the reckless driving from people at Terry’s Tavern.  In addition to the stolen boat, Lutz said the owner of a 60-foot houseboat docked near the boat that was stolen filed a report that his boat was broken into and that several alcoholic beverages were stolen from the refrigerator. Lutz says both Krouskoupf and Tucker did have criminal records. He described the incident as an unfortunate event that all could have been prevented.

"Unfortunately, we had several victims that lost property, and ultimately, we had two people that lost their lives because of the decions they made that day," Lutz said. "It’s just a tragedy that should have never happened."