Starlight Could Face Levy Reduction

by Katie Donovan on July 18, 2014 at 4:13 am

Representatives from the Muskingum County Starlight Programs met with the County Commissioners to discuss the levy revenue, current spending, and future plans.

Muskingum County Starlight Programs currently has two levy’s continuing, one is 3 mils, the other 2 mils. County Commissioners are considering reducing the 3 mil levy by 1.5 mills. Superintendent John Hill says, Disability Rights Ohio recently conducted a survey which helped formulate recommendations to consider putting in place.

"Disability Rights Ohio conducted a survey or some investigation over the last several months of different County Boards and programs around the state. Muskingum County was not one of those. They formulated some ideas and recommendations that they want the state, either Governor Kasich or the Legislature or the Department of the Developmental Disabilities to consider implanting…Explanding services over the next five years, maybe ten years."

These county services will cost more because of this. Hill explains that the funds they receive are incredibly important to Starlight, because they ensure the organization will be able to continue their services to the developmentally disabled.

"We see our ability to provide services currently and provide services in the future to meet the needs of our folks with developmental disabilities and we take our charge and our responsibility very seriously and want to ensure that those programs and services exist now and are sustained into the future."

Muskingum County Starlight Programs operates a school, and provides services in their workshop, and funding for residential programs and support in the community.