State Route 60 Closure Update

by Katie Donovan on July 14, 2014 at 4:14 am

A project that will close State Route 60 south of Duncan Falls for the next few months is now underway.

The roadway is scheduled to re-open on September 15th. The Ohio Department of Transportation will be drilling directly into the rock and removing it. They will then use wire mesh to contain the rock wall east of the road.

The entire road is closed due to the narrow route. The workers will need the entire road to work to avoid being pinned between falling rock and moving traffic. This also ensures that drivers will not be at any risk during the course of the work.

The recommended detour issued by O-DOT is taking State Route 60 or State Route 78 to State Route 2-84 then to State Route 1-46 and finally back on to 60.