The Vincent Family Fireworks Tradition

by Katie Donovan on July 4, 2014 at 6:46 am

Many have seen the beautiful fireworks display at Stars and Stripes on the River, but are unaware of the hard work and family tradition behind it.

For the last 20 years, the Vincent Family has been lighting fireworks for many displays around the area, including the display at Zanes Landing. Stephen Vincent, Pyrotechnician of Record for Friday’s show, says a lot of hard work goes into preparing the Fourth of July fireworks.

"Thousands of shells obviously, we start at 2" and go clear up to 6". We have some cakes, we have finales, we’ve got all different colors. We try to coordinate. I like to call what we do down here organized chaos."

Each shell shot will ascend to a different height in the sky. The larger the shell the higher it will fly. This show in particular is a special one for the Vincent Family. Noah Vincent, the son of Stephen, has recently earned his Pyrotechnics license and will assist his father in shooting the fireworks for the first time. Noah says that its an exciting time.

"Its really exciting for me. I’ve grown up around fireworks. My dad and sister both shot shows here just for years. My sister at the country club. My dads been doing it down here downtown for a long time, and it’s just really exciting that I can finally get down and be in the action and light them off myself."

The fireworks display began at 9:45PM Friday. You can view the display from Zanes Landing Park in Downtown Zanesville.  For a complete list of firework shows in the area, you can visit our website at: