Thornville Fourth of July Parade

by Katie Donovan on July 4, 2014 at 5:35 am

The Village of Thornville was celebrating the Fourth of July in a special way Friday.

Flags and community residents lined the streets this morning to enjoy a long time community event. One local man, Ben Orr says he has been attending the parade for 30 years now. For him, it is a long time tradition.

"Was the candy, now its getting candy from the kids."

Teresa Foltz and Anne Eberts came to see the parade for their 10th and 15th years now. They described the environment as a fun and social community event. 

Foltz said, "Its always been fantastic its local, its a social event, its a lot of fun."

As far as favorite things about the parade, we recieved a wide variety of responses from those who turned out this morning. 

Aiden Jones attended the parade Friday morning, and he shared, "Well my favorite thing about the parade is that my sisters are in it. And I get candy….Well I expected there wasnt gonna be candy because the last one when we were here didnt have candy. I was super excited."

Others said:
"When the cheerleaders did their cheers."
"I like the candy."
"I liked when they were shooting me with the watergun."
"I liked the water balloons and water getting shot at us."
"The oddyssey of the different things you see and hear. You know the tractors, the kids on the big wheels.
"I just like to watch the kids, firetrucks, support the kids at the schools."

Orr especially enjoyed time with his loved ones, "I guess just enjoying it with the family."

The parade began at 11am Friday morning and is held every year on the Fourth of July for the Village of Thornville to enjoy.