Nichole Hannahs

TID Looks To County/City for Funding

by Nichole Hannahs on July 23, 2014 at 6:54 am

The Transportation Improvement District while helping to secure funding for a turn lane on State Route 146 is having trouble funding itself.

The TID Board’s Mike Jacoby said financially the TID can fund itself for the rest of the year, but moving forward something will need to be done.

"Next year we’re going to need some administrative money from somewhere so we’re looking to the county where we’ve looked historically for that," said Jacoby. "There may be some matching [money] with the city because we’re giving money for a city project that’s yet to be determined."

Administrative money will cover the costs of insurance and other expenses. Jacoby said it’s important to have the TID because they help to bring development to our area.

"The TID paid for Northpointe Drive and is still paying for Northpointe Drive. We’re going to have a debt on that for several more years," explained Jacoby. "We also have the ability to get grant money every year. We’re batting a thousand since they went to the competitive funding round."

The TID will compile numbers for funding and submit them to both the county and city to consider for funding.