13th Annual Free Stuff Giveaway

by Stephanie Hube on August 9, 2014 at 5:33 am

Very few things in life are free, but North Terrace Church of Christ tried to change that a little today.

From 9:00AM to around 11:00AM, people lined up at the church’s 13th annual Free Stuff Give Away. Baby clothes, furniture, appliances and everything in-between was sold, for free.

"There is a lot of needs in our community here, and we want to be about meeting each one of those needs one at a time. And this is one way we can do that " said Lead Minister, Matt Mehaffey.

Donations are taken year round in preparation for this day. Items that are no longer useful to some may help make someone else’s life a little bit better. Mehaffey told us about one of his favorite stories from this years event.

"We had one lady who said, ‘I’ve never owned a washer and dryer before, and now i have one’. "

The event was open to everyone in the community. Mehaffey said that the church is just blessed to get to be a blessing to others.