7th Annual Dresden Melon Festival

by Bill Hughes on August 20, 2014 at 7:00 am

The village of Dresden, known for its sweet melons is hosting the 7th annual Dresden Melon Festival this Saturday.

There are events runing all day starting with a fishing derby at 6 a.m. Dresden Mayor Dave Matthew said there’s a taste of a little bit of everthing.

"Pretty much anything you want. It’s a family friendly environment," Mayor Matthew said. "Then the evening is a lot of fun with the bands and the music."

In 2008 several groups got together to rejuvinate the annual melon festival that started in the 1970’s

"We started the festival with local non profit groups providing food and suffered a couple years with just getting caught up and figuring out what we’re doing and we’ve kept that same group of people, that same core group of people has stayed with us, so it’s worked really well and we intend to keep it that way and let all the community enjoy it.," Mayor Matthew said.

A full list of Saturday’s events can be found at the festival’s website, http://www.dresdenmelonfestival.com/home.html.