A New Orientation Program at OU Zanesville

by Bill Hughes on August 20, 2014 at 6:58 am

To kick off the new school year Ohio University Zanesville is introducing a new orientation program called Bobcat Blitz.

The program is a way to get teachers and students interacting before the first day of classes start. Jennifer Redrup who helped to organize the event discussed how the orientation helps gets students better aquatinted with college life. 

"We’re hoping that the students will be much more comfortable and adjust to the coursework more quickly to the resources, more quickly so that they’re running full speed when they get here," Redrup said.

Redrup said that students are coming in with a lot of questions, and that is helping them get the most out of the event. We were able to speak with two students about the experience they had at the event Wednesday.

"It’s all new, so all the information today has been really helpful," incoming freshman Grant Denman said.

Seventy-four students were in attendance Wednesday, but there are 300 registered to attend one of the four sessions this week. The event is taking place mainly in Elson Hall, but the whole grounds are used for an afternoon scavenger hunt.