AT&T Introduces Digital Life To Zanesville

by Katie Donovan on August 26, 2014 at 6:55 am

AT&T has introduced new technology to the Zanesville area Friday, August 22.

Digital Life is a home automation system that allows you to remotely manage your home from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Individuals who purchase it will be able to turn lights off, tweak heating and cooling, and use it for security measures. Joe Richard, the Manager of the Zanesville AT&T store says there has been a lot of interest so far.

"So far its been really good interest. Like I said it’s all brand new stuff so just the ‘wow factor’ has been a lot of fun for us to show somebody you can lock your door and turn your lights on as you’re in Florida for vacation."

This is a nationwide offer, and is currently available in Zanesville, Chandlersville, Philo, New Concord, Norwich, Adamsville and Dresden. Richard says the expansion allows Zanesville to be more technologically advanced.

"It catches us up with technology. You can turn your home into a smart home essentially. So older homes that we have in Zanesville, update them with your home automation system and you can pretty much control everything in your home from your phone."

To learn more about digital life, you can visit your local AT&T store or visit the following website: